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Welcome to the Ered Lithui, a site devoted to Lord of the Rings. The Ered Lithui is named after the Northern mountain range of Mordor.

We already have a forum We  have a Links Page, a Gallery, a Movie News Section, an Encyclopedia, a Polls page, a Saybox, and plan to have more. If your wondering how to "join" this site, you would be a member at our forum.


Here is some site news:

Website News

12/24/03: The Encyclopedia has been updated yet again, this time each category has a special other category that deals with it. The Character's special second category is "Races of Middle-Earth", the Items' is "Weaponry of Middle-Earth", and the Places' is "Places of The Silmarillion."
12/24/03: Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
12/23/03:  Sauron's Encyclopedia changed to different pages for each category and entry. Check it out!
12/20/03: Haven't been here to update, but we are back and ready!
12/03/03: Site published.
12/02/03: Made site. Not yet published.

Always more to come!